Reviewed 19th June 2007 by caoils

Best lunch on Baggot street, sometimes it can be a bit slow but food is always fantastic and its extremely reasnable

Reviewed 6th June 2007 by abzstar

There were 30 of us at the restaurant. They kept the wine flowing, bottle after bottle without having to order each one. With so many of us they gave us a great L shaped table so we felt like we were not too far apart from each other. The food was excellent and so much to choose from. The best bit was the waiters and the chef who came out at the end of the night to sing to us with guitars we were all singing and dancing i.e. 'Your just too good to be true' etc etc. Price was good when we split the amount. Overall a fab time with lots of laughing.

Reviewed 22nd May 2007 by tillytotrocks

Had a fantastic night in Chai Yo. We booked (for 10 people) the tables upstairs for live cooking. The food was divine, and even better to see it cooked right before your eyes. Good selection of wine, and also some beers for the non wine people. The service was the best part. The chef put on a great show as he cooked our food and the singing from the other waiting staff really finished the night on a high. Would definitely recommend for a group. We’ll be back.

Reviewed 16th April 2007 by TetsukoMe

I booked Chai Yo for a get together for 12 friends, I had heard great things about the restaurant and we weren't disappointed. The choice of food on the menu is extensive. Some people in the group were worried with the choice of a Thai restaurant but everyone was happy with the options available. The food itself was fantastic, very tasty! The desserts are disappointing (those frozen, pre-packaged desserts you see in a lot of Asian restaurants) so I would advise people to fill up on starters and main courses rather than saving room for a nice dessert. As for the staff they’re excellent; friendly, professional, nothing was too much trouble. By the end of the meal I was already thinking of booking again but then the best bit arrived. The next table was celebrating a birthday, to say that a couple of members of staff sang to the birthday girl is putting it mildly. There was a chef banging two saucepan tops, one with a set of drums, another with a guitar!! Their version of the Fields of Athenry was something else! If you're celebrating anything and want to do it in style then Chai Yo is a definite must!

Reviewed 3rd April 2007 by kitticatie

The staff are polite from start to end, trying to grant you every request before you even know it. Three different menus's to choose from and really great wines made the evening seem so much more enjoyable. The only downside is the desserts, but if you've had the starter and the main course, I'm sure that there won't be any place left to fit in the dessert. Great restaurant, great service and great food = great evening out!

Reviewed 13th March 2007 by Mr Munchie

Ah Chai-Yo! What wonderful memories from this place. We went there for my birthday last year, and had a horseshoe table all to ourselves for the Teppanyaki. The chef was fabulously entertaining and the food was delicious though I must confess I was more taken up with the entertainment that I nearly forget the food. There was also an engagement party celebration at the other table so the waiters and chef sang them a song, and then two songs for my birthday so it was wonderful. I don't think I've ever laughed so much. Price-wise, it is expensive for the Teppanyaki, though it's not essential for everyone at the Teppanyaki table to order the Teppanyaki (the Teppanyaki is prepared in front of you on hot plates, the other food is brought up from the kitchen). The Teppanyaki is €35 approx so it's not cheap but my goodness definitely worth it for value of entertainment!

Reviewed 26th February 2007 by iluv2eat

Had a great time here. We were celebrating a girlfriend’s birthday party and decided to book the Teppanyaki. There were five of us and we had a great time. The service and atmosphere was great. I must admit I think it would be even better if you had a big group so you could try and get the area to yourself, but was a lot of fun as well. The food was gorgeous but maybe a little expensive. But totally recommend it, especially for a birthday. If you are going for a special occasion, tell the waiters and they will sing a song for you. Was great craic! Fame!!!!

Reviewed 30th January 2007 by Nick81

This is the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. The food is always gorgeous whether you go for lunch or dinner. The staff are very friendly and on special occasions they sing songs, which is a lovely touch! I always look forward to eating here.

Reviewed 11th December 2006 by ADublinDiner

Have been here several times. Always a great buzz, staff very friendly. Food very good. A great place to go with a group.

Reviewed 4th December 2006 by Foodlover74

We discovered this place about 2 years ago maybe less, we went in just to try it and we were just amazed how nice it was, 1) atmosphere: there is a top part where they do the cooking Japanese style - cooking in front of you with which is good but you end up smelling like the food on your plate when you are done, if you go downstairs the atmosphere is cosy, romantic and it gives you a sense of peace with candles and suttle lights. Very good for romantic dinners! 2) Food, it’s a mix you have Thai/Chinese/Japanese and some Vietnamese dishes they are all signed with a flag and the level of spiciness. Everything is delicious especially the teriyaki dishes and the duck, 3 ) staff are great ! Mostly Philippines, if they find out it’s your birthday they come out with banjoos and sing for you! Hilarious if you wanna really embarrass someone! They are all very attentive without being intrusive 4) great wine selection go for the Chilean red--or white, cant go wrong! I brought friends over for dinner and work crowd, and suggested it to other friends they were all happy. Def a good place.

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